The Textiles and Clothing Industries (TCI) sector is considered strategic for the national economy.

It is the principal manufacturing sector in terms of export, employment and Value-Added. In fact, the sector counts 1 852 companies employing 10 people and more and employs more than 179 000 people, 34% of all manufacturing jobs. Over the 1 852 of textile enterprises, 1 548 are totally exported companies, 84% of the sector and 70% of the total exported companies installed in Tunisia.

820 companies are in partnership, of which 551 are wholly (100%) foreign owned.

During the period 2008-2012, the manufacturing sector increased from 6 189 MTND to 6 336.7 MTND, with an average annual rate of 1%. The value added of the sector represent 29% of the value of the production and 19% of manufacturing industries value-added. The sector’s exports declined from 5 183 MTND in 2008 to 4 916 MTND in 2012.

The European Union countries are the main customers of Tunisia for the textile products, with 34% intended for France, 28% in Italy, 10% in Germany ; then Belgium with 7% and Spain with 4%. Concerning the imports sector, they increased from 3 494,4 MTND in 2008 to 3 602,9 MTND in 2012, with a TCAM of 1%; 64% of the imports are provided by Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

The average rate of imports by exports was 142% during the period 2008-2012. Until the 10/31/2013, the BMN approved 1 951 files of TCI sector companies, 1 395 MTND of total investment, including 267 MTND immaterial investments and 249,5 MTND of granted premiums. On the 1 852 units sector, 74 companies only chose the quality system, enabling them to be distinguished from the others, 9% of total of companies certified in manufacturing industries (823 companies).

Sub-Sector Overview

The Textiles and Clothing Industries (TCI) is subdivided in 6 branches of activities:

  • Spinning, thread making
  • Fabric weaving
  • Finishing
  • Hosiery, knitting
  • Manufacture of fabric and knitted wear
  • Other textile industries


The Textiles and Clothing Industries is the sector where the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership  is widely developed.

Among the 1 548 completely exporting companies sector, 820 are in partnership mainly with  European companies. France 1st position with 299 units, followed by Italy with 227 units. Then Belgium and Germany respectively with 99 and 77 units.

Distribution TCI sector companies in partnership by nationality